Presentation of AIM’s Fair Price Model to the Belgian Parliament

25. April 2024


Discussion in the Health Committee of the House of Representatives (Belgium Federal Parliament) was granted to Solidaris (a member of the consortium partner AIM) this week following Solidaris’s citizen initiative for a fair price for medicines compiling more than 50,000 signatures.

Solidaris very successfully presented its bill for fair drug prices as several parties immediately decided to table it. The Belgian law would become the first to introduce the use of a pricing model such as the one being developed by ASCERTAIN as a future tool for pricing negotiations.

The bill stipulates that the model should be based on transparent and objective criteria, precisely as AIM’s calculator that takes into account several cost and value parameters, including research and production costs, reasonable margins, and additional benefits based on the innovative nature of the drug.

MEPs expressed their strong interest for a broadly validated version of such a model as being developed in ASCERTAIN.

For more information about Solidaris’s petition for fair drug prices, which garnered over 50,000 signatures, visit: Solidaris closes its petition for fair drug prices with more than 50,000 signatures