European Public Health Week: GÖG-Colloquium

21. May 2024


Greener pharmaceuticals: policies for an environmentally sustainable pharmaceutical system

The webinar on greener pharmaceuticals, hosted by the Pharmacoeconomics Department at Gesundheit Österreich, emphasized the role of pharmaceuticals in transitioning towards a planetary health approach. The event explored policy measures like health technology assessment and public procurement of medicines to promote sustainable health systems. It drew insights from Austria, Denmark, and the UK. Key speakers included Nadine Henderson (OHE – Office of Health Economics), who presented findings on promoting greener pharmaceuticals in the UK and Oliver Groene (OptiMedis / University Witten/Herdecke) who discussed methodological challenges in considering environmental aspects in HTA as identified in a scoping review conducted as part of ASCERTAIN. Sofie Pedersen (Amgros) highlighted the feasibility of awarding environmental aspects in tendering in Denmark and in joint Nordic tenders, while Ruperta Lichtenecker presented projects promoting environmental protection in health care in Austria. The webinar confirmed the progress in incorporating environmental aspects in medicine-related activities and emphasized the importance of multi-stakeholder coordination.

You can find all speakers presentations here:

Nadine Henderson (Office of Health Economics)
>> The role of pharmaceuticals in achieving net zero: greener pharmaceuticals in the UK <<

Oliver Gröne (OptiMedis / University Witten/Herdecke)
>> What role for environmental impacts of pharmaceuticals in HTA? Overview of an evolving evidence landscape <<

Sofie Pedersen (Amgros)
>> Sustainability criteria in the public procurement of medicines: experience from national tenders in Denmark and the joint Nordic tenders <<

Ruperta Lichtenecker (GÖG – Austrian National Public Health Institute)
>> Transitioning towards an environmentally sustainable health system: experience from Austria <<