23. November 2023


Navigating Challenges in Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Last week, Carin Uyl-de Groot, Mirjana Huić, Nicolas Xander and Isabelle Durand-Zaleski presented ASCERTAIN in Copenhagen. Their session was entitled: “Horizon Europe Project Ascertain: Supporting a sustainable and transparent EU HTA regulatory framework, accessibility of innovative technologies and health equity”.

In this session, Mirjana spoke about the EU Health Technology Assessment Regulation (HTAR) and gave insights into its implications. Nicolas highlighted legal and sustainability aspects and provided a comprehensive overview, and Isabelle guided through the challenges of a sustainable and transparent legal EU.

The session also included a live poll asking the audience to weigh in on the topics:

What are the most important challenges for Joint Clinical Assessments at EU level? 

Responses revealed a spectrum of hurdles, from transparency to stakeholder perspectives, underscoring the complexity of Joint Clinical Assessments.

A fair price of a drug or device is set in order to…? (multiple choice)

  • Cover R&D and production costs (47%)
  • Represent the clinical value (47%)
  • Represent the societal value (65%)
  • Represent a good return on investment (38%)
  • Allow low-income countries to get access to the drug or device (53%)

Which factors /elements should be used to reflect environmental sustainability in pricing and/or cost-effectiveness models?

Environmental sustainability considerations highlighted factors like packaging, carbon footprint, and waste in pricing and cost-effectiveness models.

Which approach could form the basis of an adequate pricing model that captures the important factors for the access of patients to innovative health technologies?

  • Cost-based / cost-plus pricing approach (6%)
  • Value-based pricing approach (26%)
  • A blend of both approaches (52%)
  • A completely new approach (13%)
  • There can be no viable approach (3%)

What are the main issues regarding the discrepancy between JCA obligation and actual HTA practice in EU Member states?

Challenges like non-compliance and delays surfaced, spotlighting the gap between obligations and actual practices. 

The participation and findings of the ASCERTAIN project at ISPOR Copenhagen 2023 enriched the discussions in the field of health economics and outcomes research. It emphasized the complex challenges and underlined the need for holistic and sustainable solutions in this area.

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