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Eline Aas

Eline Aas is a Professor at the Department of Health Management and Health Economics at the University of Oslo and holds a joint-position at Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Her current research is primary related to economic evaluations alongside clinical trials, decision analytic modelling, register data analysis, health behavior and inequalities in health. Prof. Aas has been involved in evaluation of clinical trial in several areas, including screening for colorectal cancer, precision cancer medicine, laparoscopic versus open surgery for metastatic colorectal cancer, liver transplantation, cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescent with post-traumatic stress disorder, hip fractures and rehabilitation for patients with traumatic brain injury. In several of these trials, register data has been linked to the clinical trials. Aas is PI for several research projects and teach several master courses in Economic Evaluation (including EU-HEM).

Emily Burger

Emily Burger is an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo, Department of Health Management and Health Economics (Oslo, Norway) and holds an academic appointment as a Research Scientist at the Harvard Center for Health Decision Science (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Boston, MA, USA)) . Her current research primarily involves using decision-analytic methods (e.g., dynamic transmission and state transition models) to design and evaluate new preventive policies for cancer control, with a focus on evaluating high-priority questions to increase resource efficiency in the context of both high- and low-resource settings. Dr. Burger’s work has helped inform current USPFTF cervical cancer screening guidelines, global cervical cancer elimination policy for the World Health Organization and helped inform national cervical and HPV control policies in Norway. Dr. Burger is a co-investigator of the US NCI-sponsored CISNET comparative modeling consortium as well as of the PATH single-dose HPV vaccination consortium.

Eli Feiring

Eli Feiring is a Professor at the University of Oslo, Department of Health Management and Health Economics (Oslo, Norway) and is elected Vice-Dean at the Faculty if Medicine at the University of Oslo (Oslo, Norway). Her current research primarily focuses on public health ethics, healthcare priority setting and expertise and health policy in the context of both high- and low-resource settings. Recently, Prof. Feiring was a member of the expert committee on prioritising COVID-19 vaccination in Norway, and her work has helped inform the Norwegian guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine priority setting. She is currently member of the Norwegian Dental Care Commission. 


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